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Youth Day has no view of the world, there is world outlook

ly recognize this age? Do we really know the world? You may have had several travel experience,
the view is only stay in the scenery spots; many conversations with friends,
you desperately want to express your understanding of the world,
but not squeeze a line on the language to express your understanding of the world.
Perhaps the richness of information resources leads to the poverty of our humanistic spirit and the decline of philosophical thinking,
which is the paradox of the times.
Most of the time,
what we lack is not skills,
but the motivation and curiosity to reveal the nature of things.
From knowing to doing,
it is a journey from head to foot,
and it is also a battle of one person.
Kitajima Yuyan: the range of a man walking is his world.
As a teacher at the University,
in the over

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