chrome hearts

Play anything, don't play with people's hearts

y the game,
there is always the end,
but the final victory or loss of contention.
If you play with the heart,
it is destroyed a trust,
broken heart,
can no longer be repaired.
When the clothes are torn,
they can sew.
Man's heart is broken,
only pain.
All the time to you,
you never see.
Talking to you often,
you turn a deaf ear.
Don't wait for the heart to wait till there is no hope.
Don't let the missing people think of you.
Do not take improper emotional feelings,
one day you will know what is called the unfeeling.
Who is not stupid,
always perfunctory,
will gradually drift away.
Who is not stupid,
not valued,
will be more and more weak.
treat each other sincerely,
don't play with people's hearts!

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