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14 people were rushed to hospital after a collision between a construction vehicle and a bus crashed in Hangzhou

s afternoon,
the Zhejiang emergency radio FM93 traffic sound audience broke the news,
Hangzhou Yuhang Liangzhu Road near the west,
there are engineering vehicles hit the bus,
many people were injured! 93 Lingling learned that the specific location of the accident is in the vicinity of Liang Tang highway toll station,
many passengers were injured were rushed to hospital.
93 reporters rushed to the city's two hospital for the first time,
14 people were injured here.
Among them,
the older 78 year old uncle Fang,
chest discomfort,
breathing is not smooth; the younger 18 year old Xia Yan high school high school girls,
abdominal hit the back of the bus handrails.
City two hospital emergency week doctor introduced,
at present,
14 names are not life-threatening,
but some patients have repeated pos

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