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The precious master Chanlausenberg in China

ys been labeled as' pioneer in the vanguard 'or' urchin ',
but these reviews are only retrospective.
My feeling is that the art world is tired of caring about political facts and cares more about how cool you can be in the gallery.
Robert Rauschenbergrauschenberg in China,
Robert auschenberg has an unshakable influence on the development of contemporary art.
In 1985,
Lawson Berg in the China Art Museum held a labor Rauschenberg works international touring exhibition,
a town,
or even directly promoted and the Chinese art was a sensation 85 trendy art avant-garde movement.
For contemporary art lovers in China,
it is 30 years since Berg was last seen from Lawson.
The album work sunpo works of international tour (i.
ROCI Chinese) China exhibition,
the audience will see Lawson Berg'

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