chrome hearts

In addition to the frigidity, the hotel can be cool enough to have no friends

le and elegant is the best interpretation of the design of the hotel,
has always been the same way of life,
only from the heart of life attitude,
attitude when coagulation carved into the flavor of the city,
we use the experience to regain the neglected good,
this is our kind of life.
1 | hermit in the city of TUVE Hotel,
the low profile is located in Hongkong and Tongluowan only days after the garden separated,
away from the shopping district of the city and enjoy the fun,
walk away convenience.
The site itself is a typical Hongkong community,
with a variety of small restaurants,
food markets,
old buildings,
and the Hong Kong Road along the tram road.
See the local flavor of Hongkong.
The architectural design of TUVE is quite low-key and bold,
intricate between the viaduct and th

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