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How to make good use of black and white in summer color collocation

ow to use black and white in summer to make collocation more level? How to choose the right color according to the color of the skin and figure? The following is the text you beside friends always good,
I is a handsome and beauty in a @ puff.
A week before,
I want you to finally today was misty and cock flop by my brother,
Zuosi to answer your questions so the students say it is not an exaggeration.
I believe that many people are taking advantage of 51 to various music festival to play in a circle,
of course,
go to the music festival in addition to listen to music,
see the brightest trendsetter is also very interesting to take all kinds of things to wear.
For example,
the fluorescent green big brother,
just because the crowd in the more than a look at you,
I accidentally blinded my eyes.

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