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Frightened green pepper eats with it, softens the blood vessel, young 20 years old, has eaten tonight

he create China small free subscription health platform for the most professional interactive micro signal: tuhaojin186 for some people,
a strong smell of pepper,
it is difficult to accept,
but green peppers are rich in nutrients,
but there is considerable benefits to the human body! If the proper collocation,
not only can delay aging,
can soften blood vessels Oh ~ * * + + green pepper pepper cauliflower softening blood vessels,
preventing arteriosclerosis vascular protection,
is our best heart and brain protection! Green pepper and cauliflower in rich in vitamin C and E can enhance immunity,
inhibit melanin production,
from aging,
scavenging free radicals,
purify the blood,
prevent myocardial infarction,
help soften blood vessels,
prevent arteriosclerosis.
Abstract: cauliflower into small

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