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Boiled dumplings with boiling water or cold water common sense can also make mistakes

he top,
pay attention to me,
people boil dumplings will wait until the water boil,
and then put the dumplings down,
but you know,
in fact,
can be boiled directly with cold water dumplings Oh! Compared with boiling boiled dumplings,
not only short time,
save gas,
and do not fear boiled dumplings will be rotten.
Just boil it in cold water,
only frozen dumplings.
ready to boil dumplings,
the water has not yet rolled,
put the dumplings into the pot,
and then put it aside,
wait until 10 minutes in the past,
a lot of dumplings full will be able to go to the table! If you wait for the water to boil,
you put the frozen dumplings in.
It's 100 degrees outside.
It may be a few degrees below zero.
It is often cooked,
but the meat is not cooked yet.
But if you boil it in cold water,
there wil

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