chrome hearts

You've read so many books, why are you so poor?

aster's friend,
trying to take a civil servant in Beijing,
but the salary excluding rent,
has become a problem for the future career can eat,
and read a doctor,
with his wife now older,
is planning to have children,
feel the pressure.
We have a common group,
inside the master,
a pile,
see even he cried,
his wages are low,
everyone also you a word,
I complain about the phrase.
See friends all have the same way,
then shouted,
poor dead died poor,
and so on,
to work like to life,
said he wanted to quit,
I knew in the Empire had such constraints,
as well as back home along the southeast coast to do business.
it boils down to one sentence: well,
after reading all these years,
how do you find yourself getting poorer? This remark,
even the perennial diving never speak

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