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The 2 episode of the game of power cost more than the Langya 54. How did the producers get the money back?

WeChat circle of friends,
the public number is a television drama movie just in North American Shuabing,
it is a global ratings miracle under explosion,
game of Thrones.
Although in the sixth quarter,
but from the beginning of so many posters and fans waiting for the heart.
As a global phenomenon TV series,
although it costs billions of dollars in the first quarter,
the HBO is not worried about its ability to absorb gold.
In history,
the biggest burn series,
a set costing at least  million,
returned in the sixth quarter! Hell no snow? When the game of power was just released in the sixth quarter,
it was a Big Bang for friends.
Game of Thrones hot is not unreasonable,
is a drama in the history of the peak gains: the history of most of the Emmy Awards,
HBO is the highest rat

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