chrome hearts

Ten yuan full godling two stores

ing goes,
wine is not afraid of deep alley,
especially in the food world.
Especially in the hearts of many connoisseurs,
food is no distinction.
As long as it tastes good,
even if hidden deep will find chowhound.
Today the detectives turn over the city of Shenyang,
found two more than 20 years of history,
but the hidden godling shop .
A claim to is a must in Shenyang pancake box,
while another is open in Youth Street,
more than 21 years of Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste.
Leek egg box: 3 yuan potatoes diced box: 5 yuan this pancake stalls is a 64 year old uncle and his wife began to do business together,
uncle box from the age of 28,
has 30 years.
His home is a pancake made of rice millet soybean into five ingredients,
only recently leek and egg and shredded potatoes diced two kinds

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