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Putian has contracted 90 of the temples in China and responded to the Buddhist Association of China

contracting hospitals,
Putian contracted 90% of the temples in China The Buddhist Association of China official website published an article in the dark Buddhist purpose? In response,
the full text is as follows: from the afternoon of May 3rd to this day,
an article entitled more dark than the contract hospital: Putian people contracted 90% of the temples in china! WeChat public number article on the Internet crazy pass.
This article from the first tell a true story,
the second half of the contents are copied from a few years ago,
the net posts,
the picture is directly copied a few years ago,
the net posts pictures.
The so-called true story no hero name,
more no place and the temple name,
even if it is re emphasized that truth is just a story,
a convincing story .
But the se

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